Free to beYou


During my journey I have had the amazing opportunity to work with incredible people who have served to deepen my awareness and keep me humble. I bow with deep gratitude to each and every one. 

"Every word you said to me has  manifested in a way so beautiful I couldn't have asked for it. Yet, somehow I have, because there are bits and pieces of lifelong yearnings woven together and I am living my authentic life after 46 years of seeking. Thank you for being a bridge from one existence to another, more free, open and reborn again."  
--Lauren (U.S.) 

"Thank you so much for your wonderful wisdom. Not only is it truly amazing that our technology allows us to connect like this across thousands of miles and many time zones, but that you were able to tune into me so intuitively and strongly and take me to a place I really needed to go to. I experienced an immediate total shift in my focus - away from the external details and back to an inner calm, trust and freedom I haven't felt for some time. Thank you for showing me the bigger picture."  
--Tanya (Spain)

"I felt empowered with new insights as a result of my wisdom session with Julie. It was a blessing."
--Jessica (Surrey, B.C., Canada)

"Julie is a very compassionate and insightful coach. I was in desperate need of help after experiencing severe anxiety due to life transitions. She was able to look into my short and long-term issues with spiritual insight very quickly with her genuine caring heart. She also gave me practical tools that I can use anytime, anywhere. Julie has been a ray of light when I thought I was trapped in the darkness. She led me to realize I had been surrounded after all by beautiful light."  
--Rina (North Vancouver, B.C., Canada)