Free to beYou


Julie has several offerings to support your journey to becoming 'free'.  In each of these sessions an opportunity to open to whatever is becomes apparent, assisting heart's connection with your higher wisdom, helping to bring forth guidance and healing to support your path forward. 


"Julie is the embodiment of love itself. She brings warm compassion and deep wisdom to her work with people. I highly recommend Julie's sessions."  Karen McPhee 


Sessions Available:

Intuitive Soul Sessions -helping you connect more deeply with spirit to illuminate your path of freedom and inner wisdom and to discover your soul purpose.  

Altering Beliefs Sessions - Assisting with the de-creation of old, conditioned beliefs that no longer serve you - providing space for the unfoldment of one's truth. Create a New You!

Discovering Your Internal Trusted Sources of Wisdom - An 'internal' trusted source is some aspect of your psyche that knows your purpose. It is internal because you view this as a part of you. Some typical sources of internal trusted sources are 'soul', 'spirit', 'higher self', 'Buddha nature' and whatever else you may believe such as the Universe or even a personal source such as a beloved that has passed on. 

Mindfulness Coaching   -helping you to become more present and aware in every moment, assisting you in applying newly awakened wisdom to daily life. 

Mentoring Sessions      -facilitating discovering one's personal life direction. 

Expand Your Psychic Abilities - Hypnosis is a powerful tool to allow us to let go of limiting beliefs that hold us back from connecting with our sources of inner power. 

Ancestral Clearing for an Empowered Life - Heal your spiritual wounds from this life and your ancestral line so you can approach the current moment as it is. End limitations by clearing negative energies so you can discover the true purpose of your life. Experience the clearing away of a lifetime of negative energy so you can enjoy fulfilling and loving relationships. CREATE YOUR OWN HEAVEN ON EARTH. 

Past Life Regression - The benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy are numerous and often transformative. The following are a few of the advantages you can realize:

- clear emotional stress, trauma and physical issues

- callm feelings of anxiety and/or mild depression

- heal troubled relationships

- unify past life experiences with your soul's life lessons 


"I have had the blessing of Julie's mentorship and spiritual guidance for many years. Her sophistocated coaching skills and compassionate wisdom have helped me to understand and accomplish much in both my personal and professional development."

Nadia - Vancouver, B.C. 


Sessions by phone, Skype, or in person. For more details or to book a session, please contact Julie.


"It was a pleasure to meet you. You have SUCH loving energy about you. I really felt like I was in good hands."  Gary, Vancouver, B.C. 

"I am finding your sessions to be very helpful. There has been a lot of shifting and integration and huge movement of energy. Your sessions are very unique and potent.  Karen - Calgary, Alberta

"Everytime I have a session with Julie I know that I'm going to learn something important and valuable for my life! She is one of the  most honest, truthful people I've met and her wisdom coaching is a beautiful testament to that. She is open, guided by Spirit and loving in how she shares the messages she receives."  Asha - Milan, Italy