Free to beYou


Beliefs Create Our Reality. They are the building blocks of the psyche. We as humans create an experience of reality by putting together our beliefs of ourselves, others and the world. We then tend to think/believe that this is our 'truth'. In reality, each belief is not as big as we imagine it to be. It is designed to create a very particular experience. Like mindfulness practice, beliefs create a sensation within the body, a viewpoint of oneself or one's world and a limitation and/or possiblity. Beliefs can be permanent and temporary at the same time depending on its usefulness. Once realized and unneeded it can be easily discarded to make room for more spiritual truth. This is important as we speak the world into existance via our beliefs. The way we express this is through the stories we spin about our experiences in life. The nature of our beliefs generally originate through our parents - our primary caretakers. They impart their beliefs from the varied experiences they have gleaned during their lifetime. As children we come to believe these beliefs are true and therefore become our apparent reality until we grow older and realize that perhaps certain beliefs aren't ours and we begin the process of resisting them or trying to dismiss them from our lives. In actuality, this doesn't work. In order to release something that no longer serves us we need to allow its existance, honour its value for however long it served us and then begin the process of letting it go.  Interestingly, humans tend to resist half of all their experiences, the unpleasant and painful half. This resistance holds us fast to the unwanted belief/s. Anything not fully experienced gets stuck in this Resistance Cycle which doesn't allow it to move throught the cycle to completion and discreation. 

My coaching work allows for opportunity to examine the beliefs you hold that no longer serve enabling an opportunity to open space for new understanding. 

Beliefs simply serve you by creating different kinds of experiences. If you know what you want to experience, you can chose what to believe in order to have that experience. It is as simple as that. Know that your beliefs will create yur experience of life. You as a human are free to believe anything you like!